To descry the future of lighting, Acuity Brands didn't have to look any further than its latest line of luminaires. “We have been working with organic LEDs,” explains Rick Leeds, the company's manager of specifications marketing. “It's a light source you can view directly without burning out your retina. This fact challenges the old ways of doing lighting design and opens up new realms of opportunity as far as how lighting will interact with architecture.”

Two of the company's newer products—Kindred and Revel—were on display as part of Acuity's installation, both of which incorporate OLED technology to create lightweight luminaires that merge sculpture and light. Kindred features 45 3500K OLED panels in a curving, brushed stainless steel 66W fixture that can be used as a chandelier. Revel features five 3500K OLED panels arranged in a cruciform pattern, creating a 7.3W fixture that can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or wherever one wishes.

These two fixtures show only a few examples of how OLED panels can be used in luminaire design. The square panels can be combined in any number or pattern needed to fill a space with light. The potentialities of the technology point to a more flexible future for lighting where the lines between light sources and architectural surfaces will become blurred.


Title: Expanding the Boundaries of Light
Team members: Jeannine Fisher, Tricia Foster, and Unchu Kim
Luminaires: Kindred and Revel