When it comes to lighting some of the tallest buildings in the world, UK-based ACDC knows a thing or two. Its LED lighting graces everything from the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and the W Hotel in Doha, to the Bitexco Tower in Vietnam and KPMG in London. Jeff Bramhall, general manager for Inter-lux, says that the success of ACDC lies in large part with its ability to be forward thinking by constantly evolving LED technology through rigorous research and development. “They [ACDC] are not sitting back with what they have. They are developing new technologies and giving designers what they want for their projects,” he says.

Take, for instance, the Blade, an incredibly powerful wall-grazing linear LED fitting that uses micro-optic technology capable of evenly distributing a wash of light up to 33 feet. The lamp, which is being introduced this year, can incorporate a micro-louver system for reducing glare and camouflaging the LEDs from view for high-impact interior, exterior, and submersible installations. The design also allows for end-to-end fitting for continuous light without creating shadow gaps, as well as consistent light levels, according to ACDC's Louise Frankland. And with 50,000 hours of lamp life in the LED, “you wouldn't think to put anything but LEDs of this power on skyscrapers because it's such low maintenance,” she says.

“LED [technology] has been crawling along, but in the last two years, it's taken a leap,” Bramhall says. “ACDC is at the forefront of that.”


Title: ACDC & Inter-lux
Team members: Louise Frankland, sales director, ACDC; Jeff Bramhall, general manager, Inter-lux, ACDC partner and U.S. distributor; and Michael Watkins, vice president, marketing, Inter-lux, ACDC partner and U.S. distributor
Materials/ luminaires: Azeta, Evolution, Pro Evo with Demon, Plaza, Blade, Ultra, Iglu, and Galaxy