Editor's Comment

  • Comment: A Milestone for ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING, The Brand

    ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING celebrates its receipt of a Neal Award for Best Media Brand.

  • Additional Services: The Lighting Designer as Technology Expert

    As LEDs become the predominant light source in the industry’s product offerings, the rate at which the technology is advancing shows no signs of slowing. What that means for lighting designers and lighting manufacturers alike.

  • The Lighting Industry: Version 3.0

    What will the lighting company of the next decade look like? And can we even look that far ahead?

  • Comment: Preserving Lighting's Past

    Architectural lighting needs its own equivalent of the American Institute of Architects’ Twenty-Five Year Award. Although the award doesn’t confer actual legal protection, it does convey a building’s cultural significance.

  • Specification Conundrums

    Until the lighting industry re-imagines the specification process to match technology cycles, the process of conveying product availability must become more transparent.

  • Comment: Think Like a Jury Member

    Design work has many facets. At its core is the clarity of presentation through all of its components—both visual and written.

  • Business As Usual?

    As lighting technology and fixtures evolve, do the business models of lighting companies need to evolve with them?

  • Does Architectural Lighting Design Need a Pritzker-Like Prize?

    Establishing an award for lighting design that recognizes a living person’s body of work would be a way for the profession to take a step forward as it matures as a design discipline.

  • New Year, New Resources

    An update on several of ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING's new editorial initiatives.

  • Happy Holidays from Architectural Lighting!

  • Comment: Learning By Doing

    What I learned by participating in the International Landscape Lighting Institute Workshop is a new perspective on the stories that we cover.

  • Specification Integrity

    Product specifications are an extremely important part of the design process. While the changing names of manufacturers makes accuracy here difficult, it is still very important to get them right.

  • Giving Definition

    Whether you call this field "architectural lighting design" or "lighting design," lighting is about creating a sense of place and atmosphere using light as the main medium of expression.

  • An Editor's Request

    Editor Elizabeth Donoff proposes instituting a press preview at Lightfair the afternoon before the trade show floor opens to attendees.

  • Progress? Or Market Manipulation?

    Which manufacturers decide to operate within industry channels and who decides to play outside those boundaries?

  • The Year Ahead

    Two areas will have a transformative 2013: professional-level lighting education and academic lighting discussions.

  • The Next Lighting Generation

    How the lighting design profession is nurturing the next generation of young lighting designers.

  • Through the “Lighting” Looking Glass

    How do you get an accurate read on your profession? It's not always easy, especially in lighting where there are so many different avenues by which one can enter the profession and so many different professional paths that can be pursued.

  • LED Speak

    Each new lighting technology brings with it a new set of questions and a new set of issues to address.

  • In Praise of the Consultant

    It is a scenario that is all too familiar to the myriad consultants that are part of an architectural project team: You're asked to join the project once the basic design concept has already been established and everything is under way.