Industry Profiles

  • Peter Y. Ngai

    "I don't think you can separate me from lighting," said Peerless Lighting's Peter Ngai. "Lighting is my life, period."

  • Naomi Johnson Miller

    It's one thing for a lighting designer to know how to measure light; it's another to know why that measurement is important. That is the driving force behind Naomi Johnson Miller's goal to get the word out about the importance of human factors in lighting design.

  • Jules Horton

    If one were to ask what Jules Horton contributed to the lighting design profession, it would have to be that he believed in lighting design and its future as a recognized profession.

  • Jules Fisher

    Curiosity may not be very kind to cats, but it is the key personal characteristic that enabled Jules Fisher to successfully apply his extraordinary talent to an extraordinarily wide range of venues.

  • Carroll Cline

    Note: This article appeared as part of the 2003 Hall of Fame series.

  • Hall of Fame 2003

    Note: This article served as the introduction to the 2003 Hall of Fame series inaugurated in 2001 and which ran through 2003.

  • Edison Price

    It is telling that Edison Price's trademark downlights and accent lights illuminate many of the world's great works of art. The inventor-engineer-designer is regarded today as somewhat of an old master himself. And like Rembrandt and Hals, he was among the first modern practitioners of his craft...

  • Image

    First Person

    To be honest, I had no idea that the lighting design profession even existed until I began researching my graduate school options. I first became fascinated by light and its effect on built space after taking several lighting studio classes while pursuing my undergraduate degree in environmental...

  • Observations from Practice

    Too often clients have old expectations, assuming that we will be able to light the new building the same way we lit the old building, to the same light levels and with the same flexibility.

  • John F. Bos

    Principal of Bos Lighting Design in Houston, Texas, his professional experience has encompassed many aspects of design from architectural lighting design to theatrical scenery and lighting to industrial design to theatrical consultation.

  • Charles G. Stone II, IALD

    If someone had asked you, 'What do you want to be when you grow up,' you would have answered...

  • William Lam, FIALD

    Architectural Lighting

  • James Nuckolls

    James L. Nuckolls occupies a singular place in the history of architectural lighting. Though a lighting designer of note, his greatest impact was as an educator. He took the message of the importance of lighting as an integral component of architecture and interior design across the U.S. to those...

  • Abe Feder

    Once you met Abe Feder, you could never forget him. His brash and burly exterior manner was juxtaposed with an 'interior' marked by the keenest of minds and the gentlest of spirits. Geniuses should be unforgettable. And Abe Feder, FIES, FIALD, was a genius of light.

  • David DiLaura

    I don't know where the next generation of lighting instructors is coming from,' said University of Colorado's David DiLaura, who is currently the senior instructor in the department of civil, environmental and architectural engineering. 'The industry is going to get caught short in five years as...

  • Sonney Sonnenfeld

    Like many in the industry, Sonny Sonnenfeld traces the beginning of his professional life to the theater-more specifically, a rainy day in social hall at summer camp.

  • Motoko Ishii

    Although Motoko Ishii deserves legendary status for her lighting design artistry, her noteworthy accomplishments reach beyond the scope of her lighting projects. Pioneering businesswoman, savvy marketer, educator, public speaker and author are also shining facets in the jeweled crown of Ishii's...

  • Lesley Wheel

    A German major in college, lighting designer Lesley Wheel had once aspired to a life in foreign service. 'But I found the people boring,' she said. 'So when it came time for me to choose a career, I asked myself, 'Where do I find the most interesting people?'' The answer was in theater. Stimulated...

  • Hall of Fame 2001

    During the course of both our personal and professional lives, we are given chances to create change, to provide opportunity-or sometimes to leave a legacy. Often, it is not some monumental feat or intricate undertaking that impacts those around us, but rather something quite simple-positive...

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    Ann Reo: Mixing Art and Science

    Winning the top 2004 New Product Showcase Award at Lightfair for Line, Ann Reo and her company io Lighting are among those in the industry to watch.


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