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  • Report: Credentialing Update

    Despite the program having completed its beta-testing stage, many lighting designers are still unaware of the initiative’s developments.

  • Whether the neighborhood is industrial (seen here) or residential, Detroits LED streetlighting program is allowing businesses and residents to reclaim their city and its nighttime environment.

    Report from Detroit: Moving From Calamity to Clarity

    The LED streetlighting program is a critical part of the city’s rebirth.

  • LEDs Make Inroads Into Streetlighting

    Along with their energy-sparing advantages over high-pressure sodium, LEDs’ color temperature brightens outdoor spaces in ways that can increase safety and comfort around roads and streets.

  • California Title 24, Part 6 Update

    California’s Title 24, Part 6’s new standards mandate flexibility in controls and greater lights-out time.

  • It's the End of the Bulb as We Know It (and EISA Feels Fine)

    Consumers haven’t gotten the full story about the phase-out of inefficient incandescent lamps. The change in standards is expanding options, not reducing them. We talk to experts who boil down the essential information.

  • After the Recession, the Restructuring

    The 2008 economic contraction put a lot of architects out of work, with consequences for lighting designers and allied professionals. Reshaped firms now face the bracing conditions of a livelier market, changing expectations, and, for some, unprecedented opportunities.

  • The Atlantic Divide on Energy Codes

    While all energy codes strive for continual improvement, they reflect different philosophies affecting buildings' form and performance. In the U.S., jurisdictions prescribe specific practices at the design and construction stages, while Europeans tend to set broad benchmarks, implement...

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    Meet the Replacements

    Many lamp options don’t meet EISA energy standards. Large-scale replacement raises questions for architects, lighting designers, lighting manufacturers, and clients.

  • Mark Major

    What are the issues that will impact lighting in 2013?

    ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING asked constituents of the lighting community for their thoughts, given their particular vantage point, on the coming year in lighting.

  • Safety Net: Choosing the right type of insurance policy for your design firm can make all the difference in establishing a successful practice.

    Safety Net: Choosing the Right Type of Insurace Policy for Your Firm

    Discussion of the key types of insurance policies a design firm should have for establishing a successful practice.



Professional Practice

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    Email, Digital Documents, and Signatures

    While most businesses enjoy the ease of digital communication and negotiation, many wonder if email communications or digital signatures are legally binding. What are the legal ramifications of using email and digital signatures to conduct business and to negotiate and sign business documents?

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    Partnerships, Collaborations, and Transitions

    Ways to structure collaborative working relationships for a positive outcome.

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    Managing Scope-Creep

    Limit liability and increase profitability by defining your scope of work.

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    Preparing for the Unexpected

    After last year's superstorm, ask yourself, 'Does my current insurance coverage adequately protect me?'

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    Business Relations

    The importance of effective human-resource management for a lighting design business cannot be overlooked.

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    Design Ownership

    Intellectual property laws can be challenging for even the most sophisticated business person.