AL LED Spring 2012 Table of Contents

AL LED Spring 2012: Comment A Larger Opportunity

The lighting industry is undergoing a transformation, and the root of this change is the light source itself. Read more

AL LED Spring 2012 State of the Lighting Union

The 2010 U.S. Lighting Market Characterization report breaks down the nation's installed lamp base. Read more

AL LED Spring 2012: Briefs Solid-State Directive

The Dept. of Energy continues to oversee and push forward the adoption, testing, and market delivery of solid-state lighting. Read more

AL LED Spring 2012: Products The Solid-State Scene

New LED products for a range of architectural lighting applications. Read more

Breakthrough Point AL LED Spring 2012: Report Breakthrough Point

The price of LEDs, and some LED lamps, is continuing to drop. Has LED lighting reached a moment of parity with conventional sources? Read more

AL LED Spring 2012: Technology Under the Magnifying Glass

A look at the continuing advancements in solid-state lighting for illuminating artworks in museum settings. Read more

AL LED Spring 2012: Project Night Light

Office for Visual Interaction creates an exterior lighting scheme for a Chicago architectural landmark. Read more

One-on-One with FX Souvay One-on-One One-on-One with FX Souvay

Possessing a mixture of business acumen and design sensitivity, FX Souvay has established one of today's leading architectural lighting companies—Lumenpulse. Read more

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