September-October 2011 Table of Contents

Material Problems

Shortages in rare-earth elements are challenging fluorescent lamp costs. While lighting accounts for less than 10 percent of their use, they are an absolute necessity in the triphosphor coating process of all T8, T5, deluxe T12, and compact fluorescent pin- and self-ballasted lamps. According to Sylvania in an Aug. 17, 2011, webcast, rare-earth metal costs have risen dramatically in the past 18 months. Read more

When the Lights Went Out Briefs When the Lights Went Out

Historian David E. Nye explores the social history of blackouts in America. Read more

Light Pollution: Astronomers Wish for a Darker Future From the Archive Light Pollution: Astronomers Wish for a Darker Future

From the Archive presents articles from the past 25 years, with new commentary from members of the lighting community. Read more

Lighting Primer Design Lighting Primer

Architectural Lighting: Designing with Light and Space Read more

Congress Tackles Efficiency Congress Tackles Efficiency

As important energy efficiency bills await Congress' vote, what should the lighting industry expect—and lobby for? Read more

In Focus
Peddie School Ian Graham Athletic Center

A new natatorium gives a New Jersey boarding school an illuminated presence. Read more

Natural Wonder Natural Wonder

Massachusetts-based design firm Nervous System combines algorithms and aesthetics for a new line of custom light fixtures. Read more

Here Comes the Sun

New products that capture the sun's lighting potential. Read more


A Cooper Union engineering class creates a sustainably designed solar lantern for African communities in a remote outpost of northern Ghana. Read more

An Absence of Light

Belzberg Architects' design for the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust takes visitors on a journey into darkness. Read more

Designing in the Dark The City Dark

Filmmaker Ian Cheney explores contemporary society's relationship to the night sky. Read more

One-on-One with Zia Eftekhar One-on-One One-on-One with Zia Eftekhar

Zia Eftekhar is part of a rare lighting breed of industry professionals who have the hindsight of 40-plus years of experience. Read more

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