AL LED Fall 2011 Table of Contents

L Prize Winner Announced L Prize Winner Announced

Philips Lighting North America wins the 60W replacement lamp category. Read more

Cree Acquires Ruud Lighting

Cree and Ruud Lighting are the latest lighting companies to join the mergers and acquisitions activities that have characterized the lighting industry over the past several years. The announcement, that Cree was acquiring Ruud Lighting, was made on Aug. 17 and involves a stock-and-cash transfer estimated at approximately $525 million. The acquisition of Ruud Lighting gives Durham, N.C.-based Cree, principally known as an LED chip and LED lamp manufacturer, entrée into the luminaire side of the industry. The deal allows Ruud Lighting greater resources to ongoing technological developments in LEDs, and helps them to move faster in meeting market demands for LED products. Read more

Minimizing SSL Flicker

Lighting Research Center reports provide guidance. Read more

Altman Lighting Plans Expansion

Yonkers, N.Y., will help the company modernize its facility to produce LEDs locally. Read more

Doe Solid-State Lighting Updates

Through its various market development, product testing, and research program initiatives, the U.S. Department of Energy's solid-state lighting program continues to champion LED technology and integration. Read more

LED Market Forecast

Analysts predict that LEDs will have the predominant share of the lighting market over the next few years. Read more

LEDs in the Spotlight

The latest in LED luminaire offerings. Read more

LED Fundamentals

Designing for LEDs and their specific attributes. Read more

Maritime Lights Maritime Lights

A custom LED handrail system gives Hoboken's Pier C Park a discreet light source that emphasizes the landscape's sinuous curves. Read more

One-on-One with Terry Clark One-on-One One-on-One with Terry Clark

Interview with Terry Clark of Finelite. Read more

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