Lighting Analysts | AGI32

AGI32 1.7 is the latest version of this popular lighting calculation package from Lighting Analysts. It uses the radiosity method and includes a raytracing engine for presentation-quality renderings. The color bleed control feature enables designers to dial in the level of color bleeding from surface to surface. The raytracing engine now allows specular material definitions, and the radiosity calculation engine has been updated to allow adjustment of individual surface mesh densities, which enables the user to fine-tune the calculation without affecting the entire model. A revised daylight calculation engine is also part of version 1.7. The program can calculate daylight factor, which is important for LEED requirements. Interior and exterior daylight analyses are available, along with the ability to simulate different daylight conditions. An external daylight study viewer is available for presentation and distribution without the entire AGI32 program.

Lighting Technologies |

Lumen Designer

Lighting Technologies' Lumen Designer 2004 version 1.1 is a complete lighting calculation and rendering package that incorporates the calculation engine of its widely used Lumen Micro product, and provides new functionality, such as advanced internal modeling and daylighting calculation capabilities. A major focus of this program is the intuitive user interface, which is similar to AutoCAD for modeling, and provides many tools to guide the user. The package is organized around a base program, which provides standard functionality for calculations and rendering, with plug-ins that can be added for roadway calculations and advanced rendering capabilities. Because this package is so new, not all of the final capabilities are included at this time, such as displaying luminance calculation information and falsecolor images. Current functionality does include point-by-point illuminance calculations, rendering from a radiosity engine, daylight factor calculations, and hybrid calculation (raytrace plus radiosity) to produce more accurate renderings and calculations for specular materials.