constantly investigating the connections between nature and culture, real and artificial, and cerebral and bodily experience, Olafur Eliasson has revealed his latest work: The Light Setup. On exhibition through January 21, 2006, the installation transforms Malmö Konsthall-one of Europe's largest exhibition halls for contemporary art-into an experiment with light.

As an artist who works with natural phenomena, such as light, water, and temperature, often inserting them into man-made surroundings, for this two-part installation Eliasson attempts to capture 'Nordic Light.' In the larger of the two spaces, zones containing both daylight and electric light are created in which visitors can experience the shift in color and temperature of white light. The other section of the gallery is bathed in an intense yellow light, challenging guests to sharpen their senses and reflect on the physical environment around them. Illustrating the intrinsic complexity that exists in all of Eliasson's works, the interplay between experiment, experience, art, and reality is realized.

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