“Lighting should be an integral element of intelligent building design, as well as a unique design specialty with a balanced offering of artistic creativity and technical excellence. It is our responsibility as designers to combine this holistic vision with the ever-emerging technical possibilities to achieve sustainable solutions for our clients.”
— Florence Lam, Arup, London

“External pressures have made architectural lighting design more complicated and difficult to execute, and, in turn, have created a market for specialists. We must provide a balanced view for our clients.”
Larry French, Auerbach Glasow French, San Francisco

“The challenge for the independent lighting designer is to continually remind our client base that the services we offer cannot be matched by any other profession.”
Steve Rosen, Available Light, Salem, Mass.

“Our tools change, and the designs are different, but they are still great designs. I think our best days are ahead of us, and there are a lot of very talented young lighting designers who are going to do some amazing things with light.”
Robert Shook, Schuler Shook, Chicago

“With the environmental and economic crises we face as a society, lighting has the potential to be either villain or hero. If mishandled, it can waste, misinform, confuse, irritate, or even endanger. If handled with expertise and artistry, it can inspire, educate, guide, conserve, and even produce economic benefit. As a profession, we need to adapt to rapidly changing technologies that take us out of our comfort zones. But at the core, we are all passionate about light and what it brings to the human experience.”
Teal Brogden, Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, Los Angeles