The 2016 Lightfair Innovation Awards opened the 27th-annual Lightfair trade show, held for the first time in San Diego, from May 26 to 28. The program received 275 product submissions, entered across 15 categories. The winners—one per category, with three of those also selected for the program's top honors, plus one additional citation—showcased innovative design, the ubiquity of LED technology, and the continued development of integrated sensors and color tuning capabilities.

The entries were reviewed by a jury of lighting design professionals: Paul Ericson, from Stantec; Michael Lane, from Puget Sound Energy; Bridget Williams, from Bridget Williams Lighting Design; Jacob Hothan from Stantec; Kenny Perez from Visual Concepts; and Yukiko Yoshida from Auerbach Glasow French.

The following products received the competition’s highest honors:

Philips Lighting

Most Innovative Product of the Year: Gardco SoftView LED Parking Garage Luminaire, Philips Lighting
This surface-, pendant-, or trunnion-mounted LED parking garage fixture pairs edge lighting and uplighting to provide uniform illumination. Available in 3000K, 4000K, and 5700K, it delivers up to 8,614 lumens, with zero-to-10V dimming, wireless controls, and integral motion response. Accessories include a step-down transformer and handheld programmer. Finishes are white, bronze, medium gray, custom, or RAL colors. This luminaire was featured on page 60 of Architectural Lighting’s 2016 Product Issue.

DMF Lighting

Technical Innovation Award: OneFrame DRDHNJD Recessed LED Downlight, DMF Lighting
This low-profile, small-aperture downlight is fire-rated, eliminating the need for boxing, and offers tool-free height adjustment. It is available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K with a CRI of 93-plus. It uses 120V/277V inputs and offers TRIAC and electronic-low-voltage dimming down to 5%. Round and square trims are offered. For new construction with a deep J-Box, bar hangers pivot for horizontal or vertical mounting. This luminaire was featured on page 56 of Architectural Lighting’s 2016 Product Issue.

Adot Lighting

Design Excellence Award: Rayee, Adot Lighting
This streamlined aluminum alloy tasklight was also named the winner in the category of Indoor Decorative (Chandeliers, Pendants, Sconces, Task Lights). A touch-screen panel on the fixture's base is used to adjust the luminaire's color temperature and brightness and includes pre-set scenes as well as an on/off control. The fixture features a 340mm by 54mm (13.4” and 2.12”) light panel supported by an arced metal arm.


Judges' Citation Award: Invue Arbor Outdoor Architectural LED Collection, Eaton
With Eaton’s WaveStream LED technology and AccuAim optics, this post-top fixture comes in 3000K at a CRI of 80 and 4000K at a CRI of 70 with ouputs of 2,000, 4,000, 8,000, or 9,500 lumens an efficacy of up to 105 lumens per watt. Controls include zero-to-10V dimming, occupancy sensors, and LumaWatt wireless controls. In single and dual post-top and wall-mount options with Type II, III, IV asymmetric, and V symmetric distribution. The post-top version of this luminaire was featured on page 76 of Architectural Lighting’s 2016 Product Issue.

The remaining 11 categorical winners are:

Lighting Analysts

Research Publications, Non-Control Software, and Measuring Devices: Daylight Simulations for AGi32 and ElumTools, Lighting Analysts
Version 17 of the software features climate-based daylight simulation functionality for lighting designers and architects. The program can be used on AGi32 or the company’s Revit add-on, ElumTools, and produces LEED v4 and LM-83 daylight metric calculations in minutes.

Stack Lighting

Conventional, Retrofit, and Replacement LED Lamps: Stack Downlight, Stack Lighting
These Internet-connected BR30 LED lamps have integrated sensors that learn users' preferences, and can have their hue, saturation, and color temperature customized, such as to emulate sunlight. Tunable from 2700K to 6500K at a CRI of 80-plus, each lamp delivers 750 lumens, and are controllable via the Stack Lighting app.


Track, Display, Undercabinet, and Shelf: SALIOT, Minebea
A companion app for these trackheads from Japanese lighting manufacturer Minebea allows lighting designers to adjust beam spread, pan, tilt, dimming, and zoom for a single fixture or an entire network. Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K with a CRI of 83 or 95, each fixture offers beam distributions from 10 degrees to 30 degrees and has a 1mm-thick lens. This luminaire was featured on page 86 of Architectural Lighting’s 2016 Product Issue.


LED/OLED, Chips, and Modules: Araya5 Logic Module Arrays with Tunable Color, Lumenetix
These logic modules connect to tunable-color, high-power round and mid-power linear LED arrays, delivering tunable and dimmable light from 1650K to 8000K with a CRI of 90-plus within a two-step MacAdam ellipse. In-line spectral capture and storage create a unique color model for each Zhaga-compliant LED array with consistent CRI and CCT. It is compatible with zero-to-10V wired controls and has on-board DMX and Bluetooth. This luminaire was featured on page 70 of Architectural Lighting’s 2016 Product Issue.

LG Electronics

Ballasts, Transformers, LED Drivers, Systems, and Kits: Performance Troffer Retrofit Embedded Multi Sensor, LG Electronics
This streamlined LED troffer can be controlled wirelessly through an embedded ZigBee multi-sensor, and delivers up to 133 lumens per watt. The fixture is zero-to-10V dimmable, and measures at 45.8” by 21.7” or 21.7” by 21.7”. The retrofit fixture is an efficient option that delivers the performance and aesthetic of a brand new LED luminaire.

Acuity Brands Sunoptics

Non-Luminous Components, Specialty Hardware, Shades, and Solar: LightFlex CCT, Acuity Brands Sunoptics
Blending natural and electric light, this tubular daylighting system uses a patented remote phosphor panel to adjust cool daylight to warmer CCTs, shifting between 3600K and 3700K throughout the day to emulate the changes of natural light. For use with suspended ceilings, it comes in 8" and 14" heights. This luminaire was featured on page 84 of Architectural Lighting’s 2016 Product Issue.


Sports, Step, Landscape, Pool and Fountain Luminaires: Ephesus All-Field LED Sports Light, Eaton
For outdoor applications such as illuminating sports fields, this high-powered luminaire is available in 550W and 750W, with lumen outputs of 61,000 and 83,000, respectively. It is IP66 and NEMA 4X rated, and it is offered with wired and wireless controls with Bluetooth monitoring.


Controls Components, Hardware, and Systems: Wireless Luminaire Control Module, Osram
This low-voltage module can be inserted into any 12V auxiliary output fixture to make them independently and wirelessly controllable via ZigBee. The Wireless Luminaire Control Module, now called the Connected Lighting Module, eliminates compatibility issues by allowing regular fixtures to connect to multiple wireless and building control systems.

TLS International

Dynamic Color, Theatrical, Cove, Strips, and Tape: Tension LED System, TLS International
This UL-certified LED system uses a tensioned stainless steel cable to support and deliver uniform lighting across surfaces, and comes in versions for use indoors and outdoors as well as with wide-angle optics. Capable of providing backlighting for a variety of applications, it can be trimmed, curved, or bent when installed.

Acuity Brands Holophane

Industrial, Vandal, Emergency, and Exit: Phuzion PHS, Acuity Brands Holophane
Designed to reduce glare and enhance contrast, this high-bay LED fixture offers 14% uplight and is available in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K, with a CRI of 70, 80, or 90, and with lumen packages of up to 48,000. The fixture is dimmable down to 1%.

Acuity Brands Mark Architectural Lighting

Commercial Indoor (Linear Fluorescent, Troffers, Suspended, Surface, LED, OLED): Rubik, Acuity Brands Mark Architectural Lighting
Three-, five-, and nine-grid recessed luminaires have been reconceived as a kit of parts to create new illumination patterns without modifying the ceiling. The versatile system is available in static or tunable 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K, with a CRI of 80-plus or 90-plus, as well as grayscale and color accent options. Dimmable, it delivers up to 440 lumens per cell. The 20-gauge, cold-rolled steel housing has integral T-bar clips. This luminaire was featured on page 53 of Architectural Lighting’s 2016 Product Issue.

Acuity Brands

Connectivity, Integration, and Analytics: ByteLight Services, Acuity Brands
A mobile platform that provides users with indoor positioning services, ByteLight employs LED lighting for embedded Lumicast Visible Light Communication (VLC) and Bluetooth technology, assisting in the delivery of digital content to shoppers. By using ByteLight, consumers are able to receive promotional offers and shopping assistance while navigating through a store.