presented at the s fifth annual education conference in Alexandria, Virginia, last October, and sent to IALD members in December, the 2005 Edition of Guidelines for Specification Integrity, a joint venture with the Lighting Industry Resource Council, is only the second time such a document has been produced by these organizations. A comprehensive resource that addresses the process of lighting specifications for all design professionals, the document serves as a reference guide, sequentially reviewing the issues that pertain to each phase throughout the design and construction process, from design development to punch list. In addition, the guide provides information on how to communicate with owners, clients, and manufacturers to ensure specification integrity leading to installation of quality lighting equipment. As Jean Sundin, of New York-based Office for Visual Interaction and co-author of the guide, explains, 'it reveals the process for understanding the channels of how specifications work, who the players are, and how pricing works.' Expanding on the materials in the 2000 edition, the 2005 document addresses the evolving issues of practice, Internet usage, technology advancements, obtaining budget pricing, substitutions, and a new section on international projects and working abroad. The document and up-to-date links are available on the IALD website at A|L