Solatube International's line of tubular skylight products now meets the Miami-Dade County Product Approval System, a rigorous set of testing procedures for South Florida established in 1991. In Miami-Dade County, roofing systems and any element whose function and purpose it is to prevent the breach of the building envelope, requires approval through the issuance of a Notice of Acceptance (NOA). It takes approximately one year for a product to go through the testing process in order to be certified for this approval system. Other jurisdictions and states use this approval system as a ôdemonstration of acceptable performance,ö and if a product has passed the Dade County Compliance, it is also approved with the Florida State Building Code. The process includes tests for high winds and flying debris, air infiltration, water leakage, cyclic wind pressure loading, and even a large projected missile impact test. Solutube's NOA is available at the company's website,