As Lightfair International continues to grow and respond to the requirements of its attendees and exhibitors, its research has indicated the need for a re-identification. To that end, Lightfair has launched a new brand mark. The result of discussion between the three event partners, the IES, the IALD and AMC, the show stager and manager, the logo was casually introduced at last year's event in Las Vegas. The logo, both in printed materials and at actual show venues, will be fully implemented by 2006. According to Lightfair show management, 'The new mark is the natural next step in a program of continuous improvement for an event, which for 14 years has set the standard in architectural and commercial lighting. In the show's lifecycle we see the need for refreshing, refocusing, and for setting the stage for growth.'

In the past, marketing for Lightfair has intentionally been changed from event to event in order to reflect the specifics of each venue in Las Vegas and New York. With the new mark, Lightfair has committed itself to a standard graphic and positioning line, which will serve the event over time. The mark is designed to adapt and evolve so that at some point, as show management explains, 'LFI' may in fact be the new signature for Lightfair International, replacing the language 'Lightfair International.' Along with the new logo, Lightfair has also commissioned a study to see how the mark will evolve for the next 5, 10, and 15 years. The logo, designed by Airvision Partners, a graphic design firm with offices in New York City, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, is modular so that it can adopt to different color variations; for instance the daylight institute might have one derivative, the new product showcase another. Look for the new logo in printed materials being sent in January 2005 for this year's event. a|l