Lighting is my life," said one of this year's Hall of Fame inductees. But each of the people profiled on the following pages, I'm quite sure, could make the same assertion. And what lives they have led. For all, lighting has been more than just an integral part of their careers; it has been their all-consuming passion. And thank goodness for that, as their drive, persistence and confidence-not to mention knowledge and inspiration-have helped define our industry today.

The careers of the five professionals honored on the following pages have spanned many years of lighting history, and at least three of them can be credited with being there at the beginning of it all: Jules Horton, Jules Fisher, and certainly, Carroll Cline spent 35+ years mentoring, questioning and “tinkering” to become prominent leaders in the field. The accomplishments of these three gentlemen have been more than peer-recognized, award-winning achievements; their work has won the respect and hearts of the public. And after all, as every lighting designer I interview tells me, “lighting of a space-interior or exterior-should always be for people.”

In addition to the two Jules and Carroll, Architectural Lighting-and its readers-celebrate the careers of Naomi Miller and Peter Ngai, both of whom have played enormous roles in the areas of research and advancement of technology. Both Naomi and Peter have made unparalleled strides in impressing upon the industry issues of performance-from both design and engineering perspectives-and energy efficiency, developed in tandem with good design. In fact, sure enough, they share a common title: Naomi served as chair of the IESNA's Quality of the Visual Environment Committee and Peter now heads it.

Curious. Pioneering. Passionate. Inquisitive. Involved. Active. Determined. Individual. And even curmudgeon. These are just some of the words used to describe these five talents. And there are plenty more-plus the stories and personal anecdotes behind them. So, turn the page and read on to find out why…