On the heels of a sizeable donation by Lithonia Lighting to the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) Education & Research Foundation, the organization has launched the second part of its two-phase plan to raise funds in order to sustain and expand its services. (See 'NAED Endowment on a Roll,' July/August 2005) The 2005-2006 Annual Contribution Campaign, which will run through June, funds the NAEDÆs industry-specific education and training programs, and is led by foundation chair-elect Jack Mumford.

Last year, the campaign received donations from 175 distributor and manufacturer member companies. With these donations, the NAEDÆs Foundation focuses on helping members implement training with the help from the organizationÆs web-based tool, NAED Learning Center.

'I believe companies receive a quick and measurable return with an educated workforce and the knowledge to increase our profitability,' says Mumford, 'without the considerable expense of curriculum development.'

With a 2006 goal of $150,000, the campaign will fund new and updated educational products in a variety of learning formats, such as self-study courses.

For more information, visit www.naed.org.