Tokyo-based lighting design firm Lighting Planners Associates (LPA) has organized an exhibition titled “Nightscape 2050 – A Dialogue between Cities- Light- People in the Future.” The show is on view at the Aedes Gallery in Berlin through Oct. 1. It will then travel to Singapore at the end of October, Hong Kong in early January 2016, and to Tokyo in May 2016.

The exhibit has been designed to start this year, 2015, during the International Year of Light activities. As LPA explains in the exhibit overview, new lighting technologies and light sources, such as LEDs, OLEDs, lasers, and controls, have changed our environment. What then might we expect in the future—in the year 2050—as lighting design and these new technologies help to shape our world and the way we live?

Drawing on the firm’s extensive work in the field of urban lighting and the exploration of the nightscape, the exhibition is designed around seven components: Learning from Nature; Learning from World Nightscapes; Scenes from Nightscape 2050; Learning from Masters; Learning from Children; Workshops and Symposiums in the Four Cities; and Who Are We – a Look at LPA. Each setting and activity allows for visitors to explore how lighting design can contribute to the creation of our environment today—and tomorrow.