a significant milestone marked the commencement of with the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America's (IESNA) centennial anniversary. The four-day event, filled with seminars and celebratory gatherings, assembled an international group of lighting designers, educators, researchers, and manufacturers. Throughout the conference, themes of purpose, power, and the meaning of light were addressed. Lighting designer David DiLaura presented the opening keynote speech and discussed the history of the IESNA and lighting, while reflecting on the accomplishments of, and lessons learned from, the last 100 years.

In addition to technical papers presented on topics such as human factors research, daylighting, light and human health, and photometry and calculations, another of the overriding themes of the conference was education. Dr. Peter Boyce delivered a keynote entitled 'The Symbiosis of Education, Research, and Design,' which examined the often-divided worlds of the researcher, educator, and designer and how each might, through education, better communicate with one another. Education at the university level was discussed in a panel moderated by Dr. Kevin Houser from the University of Nebraska, who argued that lighting education is in crisis, with one remedial step being more financial support for terminal degrees to ensure that there is a next generation of lighting educators.

But if there was one presentation that asked the IESNA to take a position on critical issues facing the lighting industry, it was James Benya's seminar 'Lighting for a Sustainable Future.' In response to the demands of society and commerce, Benya asked if sustainability could become one of the IESNA's main tenants. By answering his call, the IESNA could lead the way for another 100 productive years. A|L