Now in its 16th year, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) has grown from a sleepy little start-up to a major event on the trade show circuit. While ICFF has always been viewed as one of the premier outlets for new and emerging talents to showcase their work, many established companies now see it as a way to reach architects and designers directly. But if one is looking for the latest and greatest in lighting from a technical standpoint, this is not the show. While there is a lot of beautiful lighting, most of it uses incandescent sources. The number of luminaries that used an LED source could be counted on one hand.

Not surprisingly, some of the more inventive uses of light were shown by students from Pratt and Parsons. Among the design investigations at ICFF's exhibit, RAW: the Next Generation, two dealt with lighting-OpTrix and Lume. Nonetheless, the venue is important for design evolution; it has an international draw and is open to the public. And while perhaps not the technical edge of lighting, the three bags of product literature that I collected is proof of lighting's presence at the show.
Elizabeth Donoff