the iald launched a new website ( during its th annual iald Education Conference held this October in Alexandria, Virginia. (See 'IALD Conference,' above.) The purpose of the redesign was 'to provide a more efficient, effective, and streamlined website that is easier to navigate,' says Samantha LaFleur, an associate IALD member, who headed the website taskforce.

While the primary impetus for the new site was aesthetic, it was equally important to redevelop the back end, making it easier to update. The new site includes an expanded search feature: 'Find a Lighting Designer,' which allows searching by metropolitan area. The enhanced website, explains LaFleur, 'also presents a crisp, contemporary international look and has the capability to showcase design better than the old site.'

Members of the IALD Website Taskforce-Faith Baum, Stefan Graf, and Mary Rushton-Beales-worked with the website redesign team, led by IALD marketing consultant Jan Stone and web developer Michael Jeongco. The site has been well received by members and non-members alike, according to LaFleur, and represents the IALD's mission to promote quality lighting design. A|L