The second iteration of A|L Residential has proven to me that I am a covetous person. I want the lighting that other people have. I had a similar reaction during my rounds at Euroluce, from whence several of our product selections on pages 21 through 24 have come. The lighting component of the biennial Milan Furniture Fair, Euroluce offered booth after booth of luminaires that each seemed singularly capable of lifting my domestic aesthetic from the ordinary and collegiate to au courant.

It is hard not to covet these fixtures, which have progressed beyond the functional to objets d'art. There have always been iconic luminaires, recognizable and collectible (Louis Poulsen's Artichoke; Luxo's Classic Architect's Desk Lamp); but now it seems light fixtures have the power to impact a space the way a painting or a sculpture would-to make a room buzz with the owner's individuality. That they illuminate is a bonus. Like art, one cannot hope to acquire these pieces all at once, since it is in the waiting, wanting, and methodical searching that one comes to appreciate their value.

A|L Residential provides an opportunity to share a few beautiful lighting projects and products we have found in our searching. Perhaps you'll join me in the wanting. emilie sommerhoff