courtesy Wrong for Hay

The “Turn On” light, by Joel Hoff (for design company Wrong for Hay), a 2014 graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, where he studied product design, was awarded the Social Vote winner in the Design Museum London’s Designs of the Year program.

Originally called the Switch Light, Hoff was interested in creating a luminaire that would encourage interaction between the product and the user. “Far too often the light switch itself does not constitute an integral part of the light but is instead disregarded and left to dangle on a cord,” Hoff says in the product description. “Switch Light possesses an integrated dimmer that enables the user to directly interact with the light by turning the cylinder. I imagine the light at my bedside table, it is continuously adjustable from bright light for reading to just a bit of light when you wake up at night.”

The lamp is made of a faceted anodized aluminum cylinder, which functions as the rotary switch. The diffuser sphere is made of molded blown glass so that the LED source within is allowed to emit light in all directions. The Designs of the Year exhibition, which showcases “design that promotes or delivers change” was on view through April 3, 2016. •