The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) has issued a call for presentations from industry experts wishing to present workshops and seminars at Enlighten 2006, the organization's sixth annual education conference, scheduled to take place October 20-21, 2006, in San Diego. Proposals are due May 5, 2006.

As in past years, the conference will cover business management and advances in technology and will be geared to an advanced audience, while at the same time not excluding those new to lighting design. Attendees will include specifiers, manufacturers, architects, interior designers, educators, and students.

Speakers must present on one of six topics below, and cover related key subjects outlined in the submission requirements.

Working internationally/understanding cultural differences
Local legislation/energy codes
LEED sustainable sites credit 8: light pollution reduction
Are LEDs really sustainable?
Lighting for water
The big picture on mercury
Time management: business versus personal
What's new in residential interior lighting?
What's new in exterior lighting codes and criteria?

Proposals must include a 150-word description that includes three specific learning objectives and the relevance to the topic chosen; proposed time for discussion; teaching method (interactive, lecture, or workshop); contact information for co-presenters; audiovisual equipment requests; a brief biography of main presenter; and contact information for two associations for which the speaker has presented in the past. If chosen, the lecturer must provide an electronic copy of his or her presentation.

Each speaker will receive a $300 honorarium, economy class travel to the conference, and one full conference registration.

Proposals can be sent to the IALD headquarters at Merchandise Mart, Suite 9-104, Chicago, Illinois 60654 or emailed to