Blue Room

The illuminated Citgo sign in Kenmore Square is one of the Boston skyline’s defining features. Since its installation in 1965, its red triangle, blue letters, and white background have served as a reference point for residents and visitors alike, but it has never been granted landmark status. That might be about to change. The 60-foot-square sign, which originally used neon and was retrofitted with LEDs in 2010, is being advanced for landmark review. The City Council voted in favor of initiating the process. And none too soon. The fate of the sign has been in question the past several months. The building it stands on, 660 Beacon, is owned by Boston University, which has plans to sell it. But before that can happen, the Boston Landmarks Commission will study the sign’s historic and architectural significance, which should be easy to determine since, as The Boston Globe’s architecture critic Robert Campbell once noted, the sign is “the crown jewel of the Boston skyline.”