The U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) will be holding two lighting technology workshops Nov. 16 – 18 in Portland, Ore. The first is the inaugural one-day conference on Connected Lighting Systems. This meeting examines how the Internet of Things, along with intelligent light sources, communication networks, sensors, and data exchange is impacting the future of lighting systems. Experts from the lighting, semiconductor, and IT industries will participate and discuss the steps toward government/industry collaboration. A preliminary agenda is available on the DOE website. 

The second workshop will take place Nov. 17 – 18. This is the 10th annual DOE Solid-state lighting (SSL) Technology Development Meeting and it will look at how SSL technology is evolving as it impacts research and development, product introductions, and market trends. A preliminary agenda is available on the DOE website. 

Both meetings are a way for key industry stakeholders – lighting designers, researchers, manufacturers, and government agencies - to share current thinking regarding SSL technology and develop ways forward for the lighting industry.