Courtesy OLEDWorks

Corning, one of the world’s leading innovators in materials science, and OLEDWorks, a leader in the development and production of affordable and innovative organic light emitting diode lighting solutions, have announced an OLED lighting design open innovation contest titled, “Lighting without a Bulb”. They have called on innovation facilitator NineSigma to administer the competition.

Contest participants are asked to “…integrate thin, lightweight, and cool-to-the-touch OLEDWorks lighting panels into functional luminaires that are practical yet creative.” The innovation contest is intended to:

  • Create designs that are functional, practical and can be manufactured;
  • Acquire creative designs that take advantage of unique OLEDWorks product attributes, including thin, lightweight, cool to the touch, and color quality;
  • Identify innovative applications for OLEDWorks panels with a focus on retail, hospitality, residential, and medical lighting; and
  • Encourage designs that demonstrate a full lighting experience while offering utility and uniqueness.

“OLED lighting inspires a unique response from the design community,” said David DeJoy, OLEDWorks board chairman. “There is something about the light quality and the thinness that draws people in, makes them want to touch it and create with it. It will be exciting to see ideas that will spring from this contest and the energy around bringing OLED light to practical yet beautiful applications.”

All proposals are due June 30, 2016 and should be submitted online via the competition website. Up to five winners will be announced in September 2016 and each awarded a $10,000 prize. The contest is open to the public, including students, emerging professional designers, and professionals working at design studios and luminaire companies.