“Dancing on the Clouds,” by Hyunje Joo, a winning design from the 2015 CLUE Competition.

The CLUE (Community Lighting for the Urban Environment) competition, sponsored by Philips, invites young designers–students and emerging professionals with less than five years work experience–to develop innovative lighting concepts for interior and exterior spaces.

The theme of the second edition of the CLUE competition–LIGHTIUS LOCI, Spirit of Light–looks to the writing of the late Norwegian architect, theorist, and historian Christian Norberg-Schulz and his seminal architectural text Genius Loci: Towards a Phenomenology of Architecture (Rizzoli, 1979), which examines architecture in a philosophical context as it relates to human experience.

Designers are asked to think about the Genius Loci – the spirit of a place –where, according to the competition brief, “…light does not escape the Genius Loci design principle. Candidates should choose a place without limitation of scale, location, inside and outside, and provide a response in line with local reality. Proposals will be evaluated according to the lighting plan in relation to the selected location and context.” For full details about the competition go to the Clue Competition website.