On Feb. 13, 2008, the New York chapter of the Illuminating Engineering Society held the fifth installment of its "Bye Bye Incandescent?" lecture series. The focus of this segment included critical information and discussion regarding the impact of mercury sources in our landfills, the challenges of recycling fluorescent and mercury lamps, as well as what lighting specifiers need to know to address these issues.

The first speaker, Arun Veda, energy consultant at San Diego-based Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), described the pros and cons of compact fluorescent lamps, specifically focusing on the dangers of mercury, a toxin found in fluorescent and HID sources. He explained that lighting specifiers should familiarize themselves with low mercury products as well as manufacturers that comply with voluntary mercury caps.

The second presentation, by A. P. Amaro, vice president of Phoenix-based Earth Protection Services, Inc. (EPSI), addressed the proper handling and disposal of spent lighting products that contain mercury. He discussed the universal waste rule, which has been established to enforce safe practices in the management of mercury-containing lamps and ballasts with PCBs. More information on these topics and the other issues discussed during the course of this five-part series will be recapped at Lightfair 2008 in a seminar session entitled "Bye Bye Incandescent."