“With this book, I aim to, in my own way, pass on the teachings of light that I once dedicated myself to and have used throughout the years,” writes lighting designer Svante Pettersson in See the Light, a 310-page book published earlier this year by Arvinius+Orfeus. Part personal essay, part technical guide, Pettersson describes his philosophy of light, which has been shaped by his Nordic upbringing and surroundings in Sweden. Through the book’s 14 chapters, which covers topics such as Nordic light, shadows, transparency, reflections, glare, color, inspiration and implementation, he maps out the ways in which light shapes our senses and visual perception. The books two forewords are written by Andres Liljefors, professor emeritus, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm and Jönköping University School of Engineering, and Jan Ejhed, professor, and Agneta Ejhed, architect, Ljuslaboratoriet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.  •