Architectural Lighting Master Class (ALMC) 2004, a lighting education conference directed at architects and other members of the design community, took place on March 11 and 12 in New York City. The event drew over 200 participants, and a speaker lineup of top industry professionals. Sponsored by A|L and Architecture magazines and Sonny Sonnenfeld, with creative direction from Paul Gregory and Jonathan Speirs, the ALMC speakers included Howard Brandston, Ray Grenald, Ann Kale, Fred Oberkircher, Robert Prouse, and Willard Warren, as well as Mr. Gregory and Mr. Speirs. Topics ranged from how to light a vertical surface to presentation techniques to new lighting power density codes. The overlying theme, however, was the creative use of light, vividly demonstrated with many images of successfully completed projects. A manufacturers showcase was open to attendees both days, and included companies such as Se'lux, Super Vision, Martin Architectural, Lumid and Cooper Lighting.