The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) has announced the first 13 grants from its Green Building Research Fund. The Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) received the only award specific to lighting for its proposal: "Quantifying the Impact of Daylight and Electric Lighting on Student Alertness, Performance, and Well-being in K-12 Schools." The study will look at how lighting (both electric and natural) may effect student performance in relation to sleep deprivation and sleep cycles. The LRC will receive $250,000, the largest amount the fund disbursed.

Other winners include:

  • A Green Roof Energy Calculator
  • An Open Source Searchable Database to Assess the Impact of Environmental Strategies on Outcomes in Healthcare Facilities
  • Design for Reuse Primer
  • Development and Implementation of a New Protocol for Testing the Ability of Building Materials to Passively Reduce Indoor Ozone and Its Reaction Products
  • HVAC Control Algorithms for Mixed-Mode Buildings
  • Improvement of Porous Pavement System for on-site Stormwater Management
  • Integrated Building Water Management (IBWM) Modeling - A Proposed Tool for LEED Assessment & Education
  • Investigating Opportunities for Improving Building Performance Through Simulation of Occupant and Operator Behavior
  • Multi-Variate Study of Stormwater BMPs
  • The Evaluation of Green School Building Attributes and Their Effect On the Health and Performance of Students and Teachers in NY State
  • Transportation Energy Intensity Index
  • Using a New Application of Existing Monitoring Technology to Quantify the Relationship between Classroom Ventilation and Student Performance

  • More information is available from the USGBC.