LEDs were definitely at the forefront of the new product offerings, achieving technical milestones and enabling the development of new fixture lines. Quality LED lighting products are pulling away from the glut of general LED offerings. Helping to distinguish and define this onslaught of new products, it was reassuring to see that the Judges Citation at the Lightfair Innovation Awards went to the Illuminating Engineering Society's guide LM-80-08 Approved Method for Measuring Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Sources.

Visa Lighting
Winner in its category of “Chandeliers, Pendants, Sconces, Tasklights & Decorative Luminiares” at the 2009 Lightfair Innovation Awards, this 4-foot-tall pendant is one of several new fixtures from Visa Lighting that offers contemporary decorative lighting solutions for a variety of applications from commercial office interiors to retail and hospitality venues. The fixture body is made of an acrylic housing with an aluminum frame. Multiple source options include: T5 and T8 lamps, LEDs, and optional PAR or AR111 downlights. Airfoil is available in 16-, 24-, and 36-inch widths, and an acrylic connecting element enables the luminaire to be grouped in multiples for a chandelier effect.

Luminus Devices
Heralded as the co-winner (along with Philips Lumileds Lighting Luxeon Rebel ES) for the Technical Innovation Award in the “Specialty Lamps” category at the 2009 Lightfair Innovation Awards, this large-chip white LED in a new surface mounted package of only 9 square millimeters combines high power and efficiency. The 6500K white, 10W LED offers 100 lumens per watt—a technical milestone for solid-state lighting.

Designed specifically for display and retail installations, this LED replacement lamp offers an alternative to 50W to 90W halogen PAR38 lamps. The LRP-38 lamp has an input power of only 12W, a narrow-beam spotlight of 20 degrees, and, with Cree's proprietary TrueWhite technology, generates a color rendering index of 92 at a color temperature of 2700K. The unique optical design with an indirect reflector maximizes the amount of light within the beam without direct source view. According to the manufacturer, the lamp is designed to last 50,000 hours in open-track fixtures or 35,000 hours in commercial-grade downlights.

Philips LumiLEDs Lighting
Luxeon Rebel ES
Celebrated as the co-winner (along with Luminus Devices' SST-90-W) for the Technical Innovation Award in the “Specialty Lamps” category at the 2009 Lightfair Innovation Awards, this LED offers the technical achievement of 100 lumens per watt in both a neutral white 4100K and a cool white 5650K. It also has a tighter binning process.

Taking home the Design Excellence Award at the 2009 Lightfair Innovation Awards, this 48W or 96W indirect/direct suspended luminaire features an edge-light optic that blends multiple LED point sources for a uniform and glare-free delivery of light. Applicable for office and classroom installations, the fixture design prevents a direct line of sight to the source while providing 3500 lumens and a color rendering index of 85.