Founded 13 years ago by manufacturer Lighting Services Inc, the Gene Moore Awards recognize the talent of display window designers, who can actually make holiday shopping fun. The awards program is named for the legendary Tiffany & Co lighting designer, Gene Moore.

The program is open to designers who use LSI products in their creations. This year's winners were:

FIRST PLACE: Shelly Sabel's holiday 2003 design for the Ralph Lauren Sport store in New York City, titled The Ski Lodge. Sabel will receive a prize of $2,500.

SECOND PRIZE: James Ranson of Saks Fifth Avenue for his 2003 Symphony of Christmas at the company's flagship store. He receives $1,500.

THIRD PRIZE: Janis Bell, national visual director at Holt Refrew in Toronto, for the The Night Before Christmas display.

The deadline for the 2004 Gene Moore Awards is November 30, 2004. For more information, visit