The corporate headquarters for materials and technology group ThyssenKrupp, best known for its steel technology and escalators, is home to 2,000 employees. Located in the “Krupp Belt,” the new campus of four buildings and a parking garage is centered around a linear reflecting pool, which is edge lit with LED strip fixtures.

The architecture of the Q1 headquarters and Q2 Forum make use of glass as well as a metal vocabulary varying in degrees from perforated to solid. Natural and electric light complements the well-defined material palette and helps soften the massive scale of this corporate campus whose contemporary architecture relays the company's innovation-based thinking.

The 14-story cube-shaped Q1 building, the centerpiece of the campus, contains offices for 500 people. An atrium overlooks 11 of the floors. An LED handrail accents the atrium bridges. Spot luminaires in the atrium's glass ceiling provide crisp directional light to the ground floor despite the 50-meter height (approximately 164 feet) of the space. A façade-access gondola allows for maintenance.

The Q2 Forum building includes the staff cafeteria, main boardroom, executive restaurant, and a number of large meeting areas. All of the spaces have a high-end feel. Even where custom lighting solutions were used, energy efficiency and quality of illumination is not abandoned in designing a state-of-the-art workplace.

Jury Comments: Each space is made to feel unique, yet still connected to the overall project. • Comprehensive. • The consistency of light quality and attention to detail is spectacular given the scale of the project.