Like a cabinet of curiosities, the Cushing Center—home to Dr. Harvey Cushing's collection of human brain specimens, one of the most unique and significant medical collections of the 20th century—slowly reveals itself to visitors. The contents of each jar are highlighted thanks to a carefully regulated lighting system. Timed lighting for the display cases is activated via a pushbutton. These shelves house the focus of the collection: the large specimen jars with Cushing's original handwritten labels. Since the lighting designers were brought onto the project late in the process, after a significant portion of the design and shelving was already complete, they had to find a fixture that would provide sufficient illumination yet still fit in the shallow shelf depth. An LED strip with an integral reflector shield—then available in Europe and, because of this installation, expedited for a U.S. release—provides just the right amount of light to sensitively yet dramatically illuminate this one-of-a-kind collection.

Jury Comments: Great composition and display rhythm. • The details are very well done.