Outstanding Achievement

Outstanding Achievement, Whole Building - W Fort Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

With their roughly 50 locations worldwide, the W Hotel chain has set a loose but reliable formula for hip, laid-back hospitality. However, when a Miami development group decided they wanted to bring the franchise to a stretch of oceanfront in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., already brimming with fashionable, unbuttoned beachside resorts, Adache Group Architects and the lighting designers at Washington, D.C.– based MCLA had to...

Outstanding Achievement, Interior Lighting - Vera Wang New York Flagship Store

As a high-end shopping district, it's hard to beat New York's Soho neighborhood.

Outstanding Achievement, Exterior Lighting - Telekom Bridge, Deutsche Telekom, Bonn, Germany

To connect its group headquarters' office buildings, separated by one of the busiest streets in Bonn, Germany, Deutsche Telekom knew it needed to construct a bridge to facilitate pedestrian crossing.

Outstanding Achievement, Exterior Lighting - Yas Marina Hotel, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

There is much that sets the Yas Marina Hotel apart from your run-of-the-mill international five-star lodging, but nothing so palpably as the Formula One (F1) racetrack that bisects the luxury destination's two towers.

Outstanding Achievement, Whole Building and Best Use of Color - Hotel Encanto, Acapulco, Mexico

Nestled in the hills of Las Brisas, overlooking Acapulco Bay in Acapulco, Mexico, Hotel Encanto is an architectural wonder for the senses. The combination of the spectacular setting and the stunningly contemporary design creates a rich backdrop for light.

Outstanding Achievement, Whole Building - Utah State Capitol Restoration, Salt Lake City

A true testament to the process of collaboration, the restoration of the Utah State Capitol—exterior and interior—would not be the success that it is had it not been for the team's dedicated efforts from the project's earliest planning stages.


Commendable Achievement

Commendable Achievement, Exhibit Lighting - Science Storms, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Science Storms, a permanent exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, was the dream job for a lighting designer.

Commendable Achievement, Interior Lighting - 1100 First Street NE, Washington, D.C.

Office buildings run the risk of falling into anonymity, which was a possibility for 1100 First Street NE, a modernist glass block designed by Krueck + Sexton Architects.

Commendable Achievement, Exterior Lighting - Power & Light Utility Bridge, Kansas City, Mo.

Located in downtown Kansas City, Mo., over a stretch of Highway 470, which divides the city's Crossroads Arts District and the Power & Light Entertainment District, the Power & Light Utility Bridge is a new take on how to integrate elements of infrastructure into a city's fabric.


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2010 AL Light & Architecture Design Awards Jury Members

Meet the jury for the 2010 AL Light & Architecture Design Awards.

Special Citation for the Artful Delivery of Design to Public School Spaces, Interior Lighting - P.S. 31 (Staten Island) & P.S. 110 (Manhattan), New York

Since 2001, a group of more than 50 school libraries within the New York City public school system have undergone a transformation thanks to the Robin Hood Foundation's “L!brary Initiative.”

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