Admired for its technical achievement in evenly illuminating the massive surface area of a fragile textile artifact within conservation guidelines, the Star Spangled Banner exhibit sets a new standard in exhibition lighting design. The new exhibit has been designed to showcase this iconic flag, the cornerstone of the National Museum of American History's collection. Displayed in a climate-controlled case on a slightly inclined table for easy viewing, the textile receives a uniform light level of one footcandle from a single projector—with a 330W mercury arc lamp. Conservation requirements prevented the placement of electrical devices in the exhibit case, so the lighting team devised an “attic” space to house the luminaire equipment. The technical proficiency of this lighting solution ensures the continued preservation of this national treasure.

Manufacturers / Applications
Christie: LX500 digital projector with 330W mercury arc projector lamp
Crestron: Digital projector control module
Schneider Optics: 0.72 wide-angle converter lens for digital projector