Cited for its exquisite uniform illumination and the sensitive use of color in a lighting scheme, the Museum of Tolerance's Peltz Theater made an impression with this year's jury. As the primary event space, the lighting must set the tone for each event. To achieve this, color-changing LED covelights graze the side walls, PAR38 tungsten halogen downlights in architectural slotsfitted into “raise/lower” battens for easy relamping—provide general illumination, and a combination of PAR38 and MR17 lamps provide accent lighting.

To address acoustics, a 3D lighting effect was married with interior finishes—a coil drape metal scrim on the side walls creates a moiré effect. Casting a soft shimmer in the space, the intensity can be altered through coordination with the control system to create a “visually stimulating luminous environment.”

Manufacturers / Applications
ETC: Lighting controls
Lighting Services Inc: Surface-mounted tungsten halogen PAR38 accent light at metal scrims
Philips TIR: Color-changing LED covelight
Lucifer Lighting: Adjustable tungsten halogen MR17 accent lights under balcony
MP Lighting: Seat-integrated LED lights
Osram Sylvania: Lamps throughout
Prescolite: Tungsten halogen PAR38 downlight “house lights”