As the first healthcare facility in the U.S. built specifically for the combined practice of alternative and conventional medicine, Duke Integrative Medicine aims for an inviting, nonclinical environment. Duda/Paine Architects' design takes its cues from the peaceful forested setting. Their timber-framed structure, with its cathedral-in-the-woods-style spaces, gently curving exterior entry sequence, and circular library, became the focus of Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design's (CBBLD) scheme.

On the exterior, CBBLD casts light against the natural materials, creating a warm glow and articulating the architectural composition. The domed entry canopy, with its crisscrossing wooden beams, is illuminated by 70W 3000K metal halide uplights. Installed at grade, the fixtures' integral baffles reduce glare from the source. Exterior corridors leading off of the dome are lit by 3000K metal halide sconces mounted on the building.

The meditation room, a covered garden courtyard at the center of the facility, has the most involved lighting scheme, capable of being tuned to the time of day and user needs. By day, dimmable 3000K fluorescent covelights placed above the perimeter doors give the space an uplifting feel. An upper cove, located just beneath the clerestory, conceals a dual switched fluorescent asymmetric linear strip outfitted with one row of white lamps and one row of blue lamps. At night, the blue lights create a dramatically different mood, with a lower light level. Low-voltage monopoints with violet-tinted lenses accent the garden's rock features, and a water wall at the end of the room sparkles in the light of flanking MR16 wall washers. These theatrical touches imbue the garden with calm.

Jury Comments
Mike Gehring: Lighting is essential to the healing process for patients and their loved ones. This project masterfully capitalizes on the power of light.
Randy Sabedra: The lighting is thoughtfully transitioned from exterior to interior.
Sandra Stashik: Light filters through this majestic wood structure, strengthening the architectural concept and inviting you inside with it's warmth.

Manufacturers / Applications
Hydrel: Exterior canopy in-grade metal halide double-lensed uplight
Kurt Versen: Entry vestibule recessed compact fluorescent downlight wallwasher
Legion Lighting: Skylight surface-mounted dimmable compact fluorescent strip
Lighting Services Inc: Library surface-mounted PAR30 metal halide monopoint and surface-mounted monopoints with lavender glass lens
Linear Lighting: Quiet Room surface-mounted fixture with two lamps cross section and separate dimming
Litecontrol: Quiet Room wall-mounted dimmable fluorescent uplight with asymmetrical reflector
Lucifer Lighting: Quiet Room recessed MR16 pinhole downlight
Lumascape: Quiet Room MR16 uplight
Winona Lighting: Entry canopy wall-mounted metal halide uplight