Noted by the jury for its ability to erase the often drawn line between public and private cooperation, Philadelphia's Avenue of the Arts façade lighting infuses the city's performing arts district with new life. Initiated by Center City District (CCD), a business improvement district, and inspired by the City of Lyon lighting festival in France, the façades along a six-block area from City Hall to Pine Street are now illuminated each night with light shows of seasonal colors that run from dusk to midnight. Lighting serves as both an “economic and cultural stimulant,” encouraging people to reacquaint themselves with the city's downtown.

The directive faced numerous challenges, from convincing building owners to participate, to testing new LED technologies, to the review and approval process for working within a National Historic District. The initiative by all accounts can be considered a success, serving as a model for other U.S. cities looking to breathe new life into their urban cores.

Manufacturers / Applications
B-K Lighting: 70W PAR30 spotlights
ETC: High-intensity discharge metal halide lamps
Philips Color Kinetics: ColorGraze and ColorBlast Powercore luminaires
We-ef: 150W metal halide floodlights
Winona: 39W T6 wallwasher