Drawing inspiration from its surroundings—the sun, the landscape, and the color palette of Mexico—Casa Cubos is a project uniquely rooted in its surroundings. For this design, architect Miguel Angel Aragonés' own home, the colors of a Mexican sunset shape the contemporary interior and exterior spaces creating a dynamic yet contemplative space. Color along with a material palette rich in stone and glass add to the ambiance of the home's different spaces.

The main entry is distinguished by a band of translucent marble on three sides, like an abstracted doorframe, head, and jamb. With great drama the moment of arrival is celebrated. During the day sunlight illuminates the marble band, while at night 70W metal halide lamps seek to emulate the same light quality (right).

Furnishings and surfaces are all white in order to “reflect” and interact with the specific colors chosen for each space. At night the façade is bathed in cool blue tones, and when coupled with the glow from the interior lighting in yellows and oranges, it is easy to see the palette of the Mexican sunset take shape (see image gallery). Custom onyx luminaries accent the home's main façade. By day they glow a soft gold, and at night they take on a richer hue of amber as a wash of orange light highlights the façade (see image gallery).

In the living room (see image gallery), AR111 lamps in combination with a linear array of white LEDs are integrated into the window mullion structure highlighting the horizontal and vertical members. The stairway (see image gallery), takes on sculptural qualities with its handrail of steel cables and amber LED covelight. With an acute awareness of how color and form interact, the designers have created a residential environment that is uniquely Mexican in its interpretation of house and home. A|L

jury comments

A striking design that highlights a regional sensibility. | A lot of skill and thought in the lighting approach. | Raises interesting points about the use of colored lighting in a residential setting.


Project Location: Mexico City Architect: Miguel Angel Aragonés, Mexico City Lighting Designer: Lighteam, Mexico City Photographer: Nicola Larousso, Mexico City Project Size: 2,138 square meters (approximately 23,000 square feet) Watts Per Square Meter: 5 Project Cost: $45,510 Lighting Installation Cost: $5,084 Manufacturers: Artemide, Brilliant, Construlita, DeltaLight, Erco, Martin Architectural, MP Lighting, Olo, Reggiani, Targetti