2014 Design Awards

2014 AL Design Awards Postscript

This year, two projects played the roles of design-issue instigators: the Lowline and the New York City Streetlight.

2014 AL Design Awards - Memorial to the Victims of Violence

A white-light color palette distinguishes between the man-made and natural elements of this memorial commemorating those that have been lost to politically and socially charged violence.

2014 AL Design Awards - WGV Casino and Old Guardhouse

A custom-designed LED-baffle ceiling system provides an indirect, ambient lighting solution for this multilevel space.

2014 AL Design Awards - Schindler Elevator Corporation—U.S. Headquarters

A red and white color palette, along with strategically placed lighting elements, provides a sleek and minimalist-styled makeover to the company’s Morristown, N.J., headquarters.

2014 AL Design Awards - Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom, National Archives Museum

A new energy-saving, maintenance-friendly, high-color-rendering lighting design illuminates the Charters of Freedom and its grand architectural setting.

2014 AL Design Awards - Yonkers Casino

A 45-foot-tall glass façade and a 200-foot-long canopy serve as the new signature entry features for this casino complex.


2013 Design Awards


2013 AL Design Awards – Duke University Medical Center Cancer Center Quiet Room, Durham, N.C.

Tasked with the challenge of providing a multipurpose, contemplative space for a wide range of moods and emotions, Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design organized the Cancer Center’s Quiet Room with the tranquility of nature in mind.


2013 AL Light & Architecture Design Awards Postscript

One of the most important aspects of the Design Awards review process is the jury discussion. It gives the assembled design colleagues an opportunity to explore ideas and to debate issues raised by the projects at hand. It is as important as the award selection itself.

2013 AL Light & Architecture Design Awards Intro and Jury

Once again, the projects submitted to the AL Light & Architecture Design Awards did not disappoint. The best of the best, these project represent architectural lighting at the top of its game.


2013 AL Design Awards - In Lumine Tuo, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Created as part of the tri-centenary celebrations of the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht, “In Lumine Tuo” is a lighting installation that commemorates this Dutch city and its landmarks: the Dom Tower, church, and square.


2013 AL Design Awards - Burlington Arcade, London

The Burlington Arcade, built in 1819, is located in London’s Mayfair district, an area known for its luxury shopping destinations and hotels. Speirs + Major was asked to devise a lighting strategy that would help restore the arcade’s appearance and incorporate event lighting.


2013 AL Design Awards - Lantern Field

For this year's National Cherry Blossom Festival, the Freer and Sackler Galleries, part of the Smithsonian, commissioned an interactive installation—“Lantern Field,” designed and run by students and faculty from the Virginia Tech Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology.


2012 Design Awards

Commendable Achievement, Exterior Lighting - Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Located on the northwest edge of the Tidal Basin, which is part of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial sits directly on the axis between the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial.

2011 AL Light & Architecture Design Awards

Looking at this year’s winners, the power of light and its ability to define, highlight, and transform architecture continues to be impressive.

Outstanding Achievement, Exterior Lighting - National September 11 Memorial

The 16-acre site in lower Manhattan known as ground zero is arguably the most emotionally charged site of our time.


2011 Design Awards


2011 AL Light & Architecture Design Awards Jury Members

Four jurors selected this year's AL Design Awards winners.


2011 AL Light & Architecture Design Awards Postscript

Daylighting is one of the most challenging lighting strategies to implement. This year, the jury was torn between two projects that it felt exemplified different thinking about daylighting design—the poetic and the functional.

Special Citation - Platform 5, Sunderland Station, England

The creative use of light and imagery at Sunderland Station transforms the tedium of everyday commuting into an unexpected and interactive moment.


2010 Design Awards


2010 AL Light & Architecture Design Awards Jury Members

Meet the jury for the 2010 AL Light & Architecture Design Awards.

Special Citation for the Artful Delivery of Design to Public School Spaces, Interior Lighting - P.S. 31 (Staten Island) & P.S. 110 (Manhattan), New York

Since 2001, a group of more than 50 school libraries within the New York City public school system have undergone a transformation thanks to the Robin Hood Foundation's “L!brary Initiative.”

Commendable Achievement, Exhibit Lighting - Science Storms, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Science Storms, a permanent exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, was the dream job for a lighting designer.


2009 Design Awards


Special Citation for Achievement in Exhibition Lighting - Star Spangled Banner Exhibit

Admired for its technical achievement in evenly illuminating the massive surface area of a fragile textile artifact within conservation guidelines, the Star Spangled Banner exhibit sets a new standard in exhibition lighting design.


Special Citation for the Clever Repurposing of Lighting - S-Bar

Whimsical, humorous, fun. All ways in which the jury described the upside-down table lamps turned pendants at this popular Los Angeles nightspot.


Special Citation for Public/Private Partnership - Avenue of the Arts

Noted by the jury for its ability to erase the often drawn line between public and private cooperation, Philadelphia's Avenue of the Arts façade lighting infuses the city's performing arts district with new life.


2008 Design Awards

100th Anniversary of the Times Square Ball

special citation | fixture design and incorporation of lighting technology

Guerrilla Lighting

special citation | public awareness/activism


2007 Design Awards


Temporary Event Complex

Commendable Achievement | Whole Building Projects


Cincinnati Convention Center Renovation & Expansion

Commendable Achievement | Whole Building Projects


2006 Design Awards


A|L Design Awards, Commendable Achievement: Morimoto NYC

, the namesake restaurant of celebrity chef Masaharu Morimoto, the focus is culinary. So when Isometrix Lighting + Design was asked to illuminate the chef's new Manhattan venue, it unified disparate materials and embraced the asymmetrical layout to create a cohesive, comfortable atmosphere for this multi-level dining experience.

A|L Design Awards, Commendable Achievement: Higgins Hall Central Wing

Designed by Steven Holl Architects to reunite the two wings of Pratt Institute's School of Architecture left standing after a devastating fire in 1996, Higgins Hall's new central addition infuses modern character into the school's historic aesthetic and landmark status.

A|L Design Awards, Commendable Achievement: Carlton Hotel Lobby

When New York's Carlton Hotel (originally built in 1904 as the Seville Hotel) underwent extensive renovations in 2001, a new identity was created, as well as a new look.


2005 Design Awards


Commendable Achievement, Corporate/Institutional Category - St. Thomas Aquinas Church

In the rapidly developing community of Avondale, Arizona, a white abstract form stands as a strong, but simultaneously subtle, beacon in a sea of suburban beige stucco.


Commendable Achievement, Retail - Carlos Miele

The lighting in the Carlos Miele store in New York's Meatpacking District magically illuminates both the high-end dresses and the hip organic interior by New York-based architecture firm Asymptote.


Commendable Achievement, Hospitality - Semiramis Hotel

Last summer, with its interiors designed by Karim Rashid and a lively lighting concept crafted by Focus Lighting, the 52-room Semiramis Hotel welcomed the Olympics to Athens.


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