• Color and Light

    1 LU AIA/HSW

    The way we perceive and view color is impacted by light, both natural and artificial. This course will look at the science of light and the many types of lighting options available in today’s market. We will also look at the ways colors can change through lighting selection. The subtleties that light creates are essential for a design professional to understand and embrace when making color and finish selections for all projects. Take the course.

    October 2013
    Interiors, Paints
    Benjamin Moore
  • LEED: Sustainable Strategies for Interior Lighting

    At the end of this session, you should be able to follow LEED criteria to help achieve green building certification; list which LEED categories apply to interior lighting and how you may earn points on your next project by implementing the solutions outlined; describe today’s changing aggressive energy legislation and what you can do to meet or exceed these requirements; and finally, describe revolutionary new lighting control technologies that save energy and help achieve LEED certification. Take the course.

    August 2011
    LEED, Interiors, Lighting
    Philips Ledalite