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BIX Light and Media Façade Added to Moma's Permanent Collection BIX Light and Media Façade Added to Moma's Permanent Collection

The BIX light and media installation, designed for the façade of the Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria, by Jan and Tim Edler of the Berlin-based design studio Realities:United, has received a significant honor-a place in the Museum of Modern Art's (MoMA) permanent Architecture and Design Collection. An early prototype at 1:1 scale of the light fixture will be displayed, which represents a single "pixel" on the Kunsthaus' media façade. Inclusion in the collection recognizes BIX's relevancy as one of the first integrations of architecture, media, and art. Read more

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Louis Poulsen Receives AIA Collaborative Achievement Award Louis Poulsen Receives AIA Collaborative Achievement Award

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has selected five recipients for its Institute Honors for Collaborative Achievement, the highest form of recognition bestowed by the institute on allied professionals and organizations who work in the field of architecture. This year's recipients are the Active Design Guidelines, a multiagency, interdisciplinary collaboration with the New York City Dept. of Design and Construction; the Dallas Architecture Forum, a nonprofit civic organization; landscape architect Peter Lindsay Schaudt; professor and landscape architect Walter J. Hood Jr.; and lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen Lighting. This is the first time in the award program's history that a lighting company has been recognized. Read more

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NEMA Releases Consumer Guide: The 5 Ls of Lighting

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has released a new guide titled "The 5 Ls of Lighting: The Consumer's Guide to Choosing Energy-Efficient Lighting." The one-page guide, which can be downloaded at lightbulboptions.org, provides an overview of the upcoming Jan. 2012 changes impacting new lighting energy efficiency standards, and covers the five "L's" of need-to-know lighting basics-location, lumens, light bulbs, label, and law."It is essential that consumers are provided with the correct information about the transition to more energy-efficient lighting," said NEMA President and CEO Evan R. Gaddis. "There have been media reports about the lighting transition that have been inaccurate, and have caused confusion. We want to set the record straight, and The 5 Ls of Lighting does just that." Read more

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Hello. May I Help You?

New Luminaire Offerings For Hospitality And Retail Venues Read more

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The Architecture of Natural Light The Architecture of Natural Light

A worthy addition to any design library, Read more

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