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Howard Brandston Howard Brandston

Elevating the practice of lighting design to a profession. Read more

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James Nuckolls James Nuckolls

James L. Nuckolls occupies a singular place in the history of architectural lighting. Though a lighting designer of note, his greatest impact was as an educator. He took the message of the importance of lighting as an integral component of architecture and interior design across the U.S. to those in allied professions and to students just starting out. Read more

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Lesley Wheel Lesley Wheel

A German major in college, lighting designer Lesley Wheel had once aspired to a life in foreign service. 'But I found the people boring,' she said. 'So when it came time for me to choose a career, I asked myself, 'Where do I find the most interesting people?'' The answer was in theater. Stimulated by the friends of her sister, an actress, the 21-year-old took up lighting as a way to further her career in stage managing. 'Nobody wanted to do lighting, so I would fill in and do it,' she said. 'I became good at it and slowly, it dawned on me that I had a career.' Read more

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