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The Social Media Revolution The Social Media Revolution

How this ubiquitous new form of communication is changing business. Read more

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Email, Digital Documents, and Signatures Email, Digital Documents, and Signatures

While most businesses enjoy the ease of digital communication and negotiation, many wonder if email communications or digital signatures are legally binding. What are the legal ramifications of using email and digital signatures to conduct business and to negotiate and sign business documents? Read more

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Partnerships, Collaborations, and Transitions Partnerships, Collaborations, and Transitions

Ways to structure collaborative working relationships for a positive outcome. Read more

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Managing Scope-Creep Managing Scope-Creep

Limit liability and increase profitability by defining your scope of work. Read more

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Preparing for the Unexpected Preparing for the Unexpected

After last year's superstorm, ask yourself, 'Does my current insurance coverage adequately protect me?' Read more

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