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Light Renewal

For centuries, Regina Street has been a highly active five-block thoroughfare in the historic town center of Mexico City. However, because of overpopulation, urban disorder, and years of neglect, it had become unsafe to travel down the street at night. Read more

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In a New Light

Quietly tucked away on the third floor of the Boston Public Library's main branch overlooking Copley Square in Boston's Back Bay is an artwork of great significance—a cycle of murals titled “Triumph of Religion” painted from 1895 to 1916 by American painter John Singer Sargent (1856–1925). Read more

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Wave Theory Wave Theory

For the past four years, graduate-level interior design students at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington D.C., have been introduced to the basics of lighting design by Andrea Hartranft, senior associate at Alexandria, Va.–based C.M. Kling & Associates. “The goal is to teach them to think about lighting as an integral component to architecture, to provide them with a vocabulary and an understanding of the physics and technology associated with lighting design, and to increase their appreciation of the psychological and physiological effects of lighting on the occupants of a space,” Hartranft says. That would be enough for most, but during the fall 2007 semester, one student—Amanpreet Birgisson—came away with a bonus: seeing her design put into production. Read more

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The Chartwell School, Seaside, Calif.

Sited on the decommissioned Fort Ord military base in Seaside, Calif., the Chartwell Campus is composed of multiple buildings and connecting outdoor spaces overlooking Monterey Bay. Read more

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Sign of the Times

Formerly occupied by an underused freeway spur, the Park East area of Milwaukee, a vacant urban desert, is being transformed by a large-scale redevelopment that includes a series of mixed-use projects connecting the downtown to adjacent neighborhoods. Read more

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