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Master Plan | Eindhoven, the Netherlands

An integrated approach to urban lighting melds Eindhoven's past, present, and future. Read more

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The Science and Art of Light

Architecture today often is praised for its tectonics, floating volumes, and sensational, gravity-defying stunts of “starchitecture.” Yet, very so often there is a building that inspires descriptions of the sublime, the experiential, and the power of light and architecture to transcend our expectations. Read more

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Process Makes Perfect

High-performance design creates healthy environments for high-performance learning. Read more

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Highlight: Yale University Art Gallery

Modern architecture, with its exposed concrete, glass, and steel expanses, does not age gracefully. The Yale University Art Gallery, designed by architecture great Louis Kahn, is no exception. As Yale's first modernist building, completed in 1953, and Kahn's first major commission and collaboration with pioneering lighting designer, Richard Kelly, the gallery is an important part of American architecture. Read more

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Light and the Urban Nightscape

The design of nighttime environments that instill feelings of both safety and enjoyment is of critical importance to the economic and cultural vitality of urban centers around the world. This has been broadly recognized in Europe for several decades, but has only recently been seriously addressed in North America. The following considers lighting design for the urban nightscape through the examination of two progressive urban lighting projects, organizations like the Lighting Urban Community International (LUCI), the City-People-Light program, and the role of lighting festivals and workshops in advancing urban lighting design. Read more

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