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Osram Sylvania and Traxon E:cue Osram Sylvania and Traxon E:cue

Giving us a peek at karaoke bars of the near future, Osram Sylvania and Traxon e:cue's “Illumination Idol” wrapped aspiring singers in a 3-foot-by-12-foot curving web of colored points of light that responded to each note, bass line, and voice crack. Read more

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Amerlux Amerlux

"The future is LEDS," says Bill Plageman, Amerlux's vice president of marketing and product management, voicing the refrain heard from almost all the event's exhibiting sponsors. Read more

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Rab Lighting Rab Lighting

Light you can see and interact with, but energy you generally can't. So Ross Barna, CEO of New Jersey–based RAB Lighting, set out to make the invisible visible for those at the 25th anniversary event. Read more

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ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING asked all of the event sponsors who were exhibiting what the future of lighting would hold, but USAI was the only one to answer with a brand-new luminaire. Read more

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Bartco Bartco

Recognizing that many consider the commonplace fluorescent light strip to be just that—commonplace, generic, and unremarkable—Bartco Lighting challenged assumptions with its exhibit-as-art installation of designer linear T5 fluorescents. Read more

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